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Experience the joy of empowering responsive communities for children!

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Experience the joy in changing lives! Our work exhausts available resources to responsd to the community’s specific needs through stakeholder participation and engagement.


We dream of children excited to attend school with their new notebooks, pencils, coloring materials, and other essential school supplies. We believe that education is every child’s right. Your gift can improve far-flung communities’ access to education, including classroom construction and improvement of school facilities.

Economic Empowerment

We believe in communities where parents are equipped to develop essential skills that they can maximize to help themselves for the long term through sustainable income generating activities.

Health and Nutrition

Your gift will enable parents, care givers and children in the community eat enough and nutritious food, protected from infections and diseases, have basic sanitation and hygiene education, access to safe drinking water, and better access to medical services.

Advocacy and Child Protection

We yearn for a community where children are free and protected from all forms of abuse and harm. Your gift will ensure that parents, community leaders, and other stakeholders are well equipped in upholding the rights of every child, and to call for policies that addresses the issue affecting children.

Give to Where Most Need

We believe that children are best protected when women, who are primary duty bearers are equipped to respond to their own, their children, and their community’s needs and issues, together. We focus primarily on empowering women economically, socially and politically.

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