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Empowering responsive communities for children.

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Self-Help Approach cum Child-Focused Community Development Project (SHA-CFCDP)

We believe that children are best protected when women, who are primary duty bearers are equipped to respond to their own, their children, and their community’s needs and issues, together. We focus primarily on empowering women economically, socially and politically.

Economic Empowerment

  • Livelihood Development
  • Strengthening Access to Economic Development Programs and Services

Social Empowerment

  • Education
  • Health, Nutrition, and Sanitation
  • Gender Equality
  • Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Child Rights Advocacy

Political Empowerment

  • Institutionalization of People’s Organization
  • Women and Children’s Participation

Values Formation

Child Protection Advocacy and Child Rights Promotion

We stand up for every boys and girls, of all gender identities and expression, to uphold their inherent rights to survival, development, protection and participation. We focus on strengthening community-based child-protection mechanisms and organization of children and youth groups for higher level of participation, including lobbying of policies in their respective communities.

We intensify our work in partnership with like-minded organizations and networks (both government and private) at the local and national level.

  • Capacity Building in child protection, child sexual abuse and exploitation prevention (CSAEP) and response
  • Massive advocacy on CSAEP and other Child Protection Issues
  • Network Building for prevention and response
  • Children’s Group Organizing


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What We Do 2